Lydia Marie Elizabeth is an artist

Lydia Marie Elizabeth photographed by Alison Dunn Photography in Virginia Dare Dress with Lulu (30).jpg


As a child, I always had a pen or pencil in my hand, and there were countless books and photos ruined by my scribbles of girls and horses and dogs.  My parents immediately channeled my scribbles to art classes, and my cousin taught me oil painting by the strawberry bushes in her backyard in Connecticut.  I always loved art, because I was challenged to paint what I saw, not what I knew.

While working as an Interior Designer at an architectural firm in Greenwich, CT, I found time to illustrate the scenes which most inspired me. As I showcased my artwork on the blog, commissions began to come in and I decided to focus on building her eponymous brand as an artist in 2015. My artwork features a strong attention to detail and typically showcases interior and architectural elements throughout my work.  I love interiors and architecture as subject matter because they are unexpected portraits of those who inhabit them.

Lydia is based on the East Coast and works from her home studio, currently in Philadelphia, where she also lives with her husband, Brent, and their Cuban kitty cat, Lulu, who makes several cameos throughout Lydia’s artwork.